Thursday, August 20, 2009


This photo looks like it should accompany an inspirational poem about following a path carved into a wilderness of juniper.

Instead, I'm just going to mention that hacking back the overgrown juniper is just one of the ways I'm occupying myself while I wait. Gardening is a great stress release. Good thing, too, because when we bought this house, the garden was in desperate need of heavy-handed pruning.

Interesting note: the path you see is a dead end. The juniper is way too thick for a toddler to crawl or wade into it. If GuiGui decides he likes traipsing up and down the stone path, he won't be making any mad dashes into the woods where Mommy will have trouble following him.

He can enter the woods from other points in the yard, which can be a problem at times. I've nearly eradicated the poison ivy, but we still have greenbriar. Greenbriar will teach him a lesson - the hard way!

Unless he takes after me and slips through thorns like they were nothing. I was a little Bre'r Rabbit when I was a kid. Not so much anymore.

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