Friday, August 28, 2009

The 5 stages of grief

I'm grieving. This is normal. Anger is one of the stages of grief. I got denial covered, too.

I'm going through them quickly because I'm not grieving my baby; I'm only grieving two months away from my baby. Getting the extra two months of waiting time was unexpected, and, due to lack of information (my agent still hasn't called me), it dawned on me gradually. I'm still not 100% certain I won't get a last-minute call to hurry up and pack, because I'm leaving in a week! That would be cool.
I'm only 96% certain that won't happen.

Now it's raining hard. My new roof is being tested for leaks. Isn't that just awesome???

Hey, is sarcasm a stage of grief? Or is that just my normal state of being?

Guess I'd better go upstairs and check. *sigh* I want something good to happen. Or at least something bad to not happen.

I want a Boston cream pie to magically appear before me. (Because having a huge dish of watermelon and yogurt for supper wasn't enough stress-eating for me!)

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  1. Gynn--- Wishing we both weren't caught in this loop. What I want is an honest answer or at least an I don't know!!!! I am going to try our homestudy agency on Monday I have a longstanding relationship with them as they were the agency I used for Olivia and tried to use for our second Vietnam adoption am hoping she may be able to shed some light. I just want to know is it reasonable to expect LOSC sooner or are we back to where we were in May Hoping you get info soon too. Kate