Friday, August 28, 2009

I feel betrayed

I feel betrayed. I feel like I've gone above and beyond reasonable human flexibility in order to have a smooth adoption process, and that I deserve better than a last-minute two-month delay for no bloody reason.

I can't understand why my agent doesn't call me, out of common courtesy, to have a conversation about this setback. I left her a message yesterday. An apology would be nice, at least, or something.

My other agent, who has not been involved in this stage of the process, has been very distant, too.

Just a little customer service; that's all I ask. This silence sucks. (Obviously not as much as being left out of the September group sucks, but it's like kicking me when I'm down. Hmm, lousy metaphor. It's just neglect, not actual abuse.)

Edit: I should probably be less antagonistic. I'm waffling on that issue. I'll be furious for a couple of hours, then I'll feel bad about the intensity of my emotion (and the wording of this post - I've rewritten it 3 times already) and then I'll be angry again.

When it's just my husband and me, with no other input, that's the cycle we take.

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  1. Did you ever hear anything? I was wondering if you heard today. I hope you get on that plane soon. Waiting is the worst. Hang in there...