Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Mama horse

I'm studying Chinese, and am amused to note that the character for "Mama"...
...contains the characters for "woman" and "horse."Therefore, when you see "woman horse woman horse," you know they're talking about someone's mom.

I guess it's phonetic. "Horse" in Chinese is "ma" with the dipping tone. "Mom" is "ma" with the steady high tone and another "ma" with no tone.

Weren't the Egyptian hieroglyphs homophonetic, too? Neat!

In other news, we still haven't learned our travel date yet.

In entirely different news, out houseguest is enjoying himself. He only has 2 more days here, and then he's off to stay for a week in New Haven! After that he was going to stay in Long Island, but his host backed out. So he needs a new host in that area. I don't know anyone to recommend, although he was thrilled to learn that my friend in Ohio could host him, because his previously agreed-upon OH host seems to have become scarce.

BTW, I forgot to post his website before. It is 52 Friends.

And here's an article about him. He's quite a media darling, although the Cape Cod Times passed up an interview. Oh well!

Back to Chinese lessons! Wo hen ke. Wo yao he cha. (I'm very thirsty. I want to drink tea.)

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