Monday, August 24, 2009

I speak Mandarin

Today will be our last lesson in Mandarin I. We now officially speak Chinese!

Although Husband'o'mine pointed out that we should not be too eager to use our rudimentary skills in China. If people get the idea that we speak the language, they will switch to speaking Chinese, and then they will discover that we do not actually speak Chinese. We know how to greet, ask basic questions, and offer tea.

However, our new knowledge might be good for listening in and understanding what's going on around us a little better. And we can speak to our child a few phrases he may understand.

Reading the characters, however.... we are not so good at that.

Our roof is done and it passed inspection. Today the builders will start installing drywall. We still haven't gotten our travel date yet. Still waiting.


  1. Hrumpf. Waiting stinks! =\ I'm glad your roof passed inspection, that's a very good thing!

  2. Misty got her date. She and I have been in sync on nearly everything since we got our matches. OMG, it's just as bad as getting ready to take a pregnancy test, but worse because I did the pregnancy test thing dozens of times in a row.

  3. SHe did, and I was checking in on you--fingers CROSSED! (I hope you still speak Mandarin when you get there!)

  4. Lori got hers too.... argh... okay, I'm next, right? It didn't come today. It has to come tomorrow. These are all the families we've been in sync with.

  5. Ohh! I hope it's almost your turn - any time now would be good, right? C'mon already! =)