Monday, August 27, 2012

I oughtta write by now

Well, my old friend at Unexpected Journey ended her Blogger hiatus today, and I helped prod her, so I guess I should end mine too.

It'll be a lot easier to blog when my new laptop arrives. I've been without a computer of my own for personal use for about 2 years now, and it was a pain to have to log my husband out and myself in every time, and then make him do the same when it was his turn.

Since we last checked in on AwesomeCloud, he has turned four, finished 3-year-old preschool, been gallivanting across New England with his dad and/or me, learned to speak in (often hilarious) sentences, learned to ride a trike and dunk a kiddie basketball, been to the beach a bazillion times, and greatly improved his social skills.

Now he's getting ready to head to school again. He has the same teacher as last year, which is great - although he's not the kind of kid who crumbles at the sight of something new, it's still nice to have the familiarity of the same classroom and the same teacher and teacher's aides.

He will also be returning to kung fu lessons at USA kung fu academy, although there, he will be changing teachers.  He was bummed when I told him Tai Si Hing wouldn't be there anymore.

Also, there will now be soccer lessons, just for the fall.  They're in the morning, so they don't interfere with preschool or kung fu in the afternoons.  I laughed when my husband told me about signing him up and then called me a Soccer Mom. Hey, it's cheaper than hockey, so I'm not complaining.

Hmm, what else?

Adoption Day anniversary is coming up next month.  We usually celebrate by going out to a fine Chinese restaurant and ordering as close as we can get to authentic cuisine. And maybe I'll make a train cake. I have a train-shaped cake pan.  Cloud keeps trying to play with it like it's a toy train. I admire his single-mindedness.  He can make almost any small solid object go vrrroooom.