Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Chinese food for birthday

Husband'o'mine said to me today, "I don't want anything much for my birthday. Just take me out for Chinese food." Wink wink, nudge nudge.

We might be in China on or near his birthday, you see. This was even funnier because his sister-in-law announced she's throwing a birthday party for his brother in Key West. (Their birthdays are a year minus 3 days apart.) Husband'o'mine joked, "Nah, we can't go all the way to Key West for a birthday party!"

No way! We're only going to.... China!

IF we get that travel date anytime soon. Come on, travel date!


  1. IF we get the travel date.......IF...IF...IF...

    Grrrrr! If one more person tells me to be patient I'm going to scream.

  2. People stopped telling me to be patient weeks ago. I'd tell you my secret if I knew it.

    Wait... I know it.

    They ask me, "Any news? Did you get your TA yet?"

    I pause. I look away. And then I say flatly, "No."

    Then they gush over me, telling me how brave and strong and unfortunate I am. I'm not so fond of gushing, but it's better than being admonished to be patient. I'm a saint! I'm just a saint who's rapidly losing her sanity. For real. I've had some bad lapses in judgment lately that would be funny if they hadn't been over something important.

  3. Just found your blog recently. I will be sending good thoughts your way and hope for travel soon.
    The hardest, most agonizing part of 'the wait' were the months after we had expected to be home with our daughter. It was a very long 5.5 months filled with hope at the beginning of the month and incredible sadness at the end.
    I hope then end of your wait is near and I am wishing your family well.