Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A letter to the CDC

I wrote a letter to two reps of the CDC who are involved in the situation of Jay and Candace Scruggs, a couple who is currently in China and is not being allowed to take their daughter home. She tested positive for TB. New immigration laws prohibit people with TB infections from entering the country. Apparently, this is being made to affect adoptees, too.

Scary stuff.

AwesomeCloud is too young to be touched by this law - it starts applying when a child is 2 years old. But this isn't about me. It's about all of us.

If anyone else feels like adding your voice, please do. The CDC isn't exactly going to be swamped with a landslide of emails. The adoption community is pretty small. Another email or two added to the mix can only help.


  1. AWESOME! Thank you for taking the time to send an email. We all have to stick together! Any word on your Article 5 yet?

  2. Wait, what's an article 5 again? I know you explained it somewhere. Pam may have explained it to me too at some point. In any case, I haven't heard anything from anyone, so I have no Article 5 that I'm aware of.

    I was sort of hoping you and I would be stuck on the tail end of the group leaving in late August... probably not, but one can hope.

  3. Gynn--- Thanks for the posting I drafted an email and just sent it off. Even a few voices if they are loud enough can be heard Hoping for a speedy TA for you Kate.