Monday, September 28, 2009

Almost done in Guangzhou!

It's another cold, windy, rainy day here in Guangzhou. By noon today we'll be headed to the American consulate for immigration paperwork. Tomorrow morning we have the swearing in ceremony, then it's rush rush rush as we check out of the hotel, catch the late flight to Beijing, stay overnight at the airport hotel, and then fly Continental to Newark in the morning. Whew! I'm tired already!

The stomach bug seems to be gone. What a relief! I'm still battling some symptoms of dehydration. Sheesh, I feel like I'm always guzzling water, tea, and juice. It's gotta work sometime.

I miss the salty fresh air of home - it's been nothing but pollution here the whole time. Rain and pollution, sun and pollution, wind and pollution.

The concierge is making a valiant effort to fix the broken wheel on the stroller with crazy glue. It may be crazy, but it just might work.

The housekeeper is very sweet. She is here now, cleaning - I invited her in, and we had a stilted conversation about art, airplanes, pinyin, and the words "yisheng" (doctor) and "gaoxing" (happy). She is the sweetest thing ever!

People here seem thrilled, beside themselves even, when I attempt to speak Chinese or show some interest in Chinese culture. Grace, our tour guide yesterday, was rapt as I explained to her that I had some passing familiarity with Buddhism. And at breakfast, when I said "Xiexie" to the waitress pouring my tea, she giggled and practically squealed when she said, "Bu ke qi."

I am encouraged to continue my studies! In the long run, it will help AwesomeCloud if his parents are interested in and actively learning his language and culture.


  1. Try to add more salt (like Lucy's french fries) it your body is dehydrating. Safe travels home.

  2. Home is in sight! You'll be there soon! Have a safe trip. -Val