Saturday, October 3, 2009

We're home

We got home midnight on Thursday. Sorry, I haven't felt like writing much.

There have been a few small milestones. AwesomeCloud has begun to pick up Cheerios with his hands and put them in his mouth. today he played on the floor for 15 whole minutes before crying. I think I'm overdoing floor time, though. He generally hates the floor, and I should have just let it go after that 15 minutes, but there aren't a lot of places to put him. The stroller, but he cries if it's not moving. The high chair, but he cries if he's not eating. The crib, but he cries if he's not asleep. My lap, but he's taken to doubling over and putting his forehead on my knees and wailing like a banshee after several minutes. What do I do then? Put him down, right?

We're all suffering from jet lag. Just as I thought it was getting better, AwesomeCloud switched back to China time. He fell asleep early this morning and did not wake up until 6:30 PM. I was advised to let sleeping babies sleep, and to synchronize with him by sleeping whenever he sleeps. Lately I've hardly been sleeping at all. So I spent all day napping on the futon while my parents, husband, and contractor came and went, and then suddenly it was dusk.

AwesomeCloud seems inclined to pull an all-nighter now that he's slept all day. I slept all day too, but I don't think I can do it. Especially when he tolerates any given activity for 5 minutes or less. I've already taken him for two walks in the stroller in the pitch blackness with a flashlight strapped to the stroller. I'd drive him around in the car, but I'm too bleary-eyed to be a safe driver.

He's in the crib now, wailing again. I feel bad. My husband is trying to sleep in there; he has his own jet lag related troubles to deal with.

None of us are in sync, in fact. And the husband starts work on Monday. I really should, too, but my work requires installing my computer in the upstairs office room, and, well, there is no upstairs office room yet.

The renovations are almost done. Sort of. Mostly. The floor is almost in. The electrician hasn't shown up yet and he's holding everything back.

I told them I wanted the renovations done before we got back from China. No such luck. It's amazing that both AwesomeCloud and I slept through all that noise today. He certainly did! He slept like a rock the whole 12 hours, according to everyone (my parents, husband, and me) who checked in on him throughout the day. I didn't sleep quite so soundly.

He has significant delays and is like a much younger child, but I think it's just due to orphanage living. I don't think he has inherent mental or cognitive delays. So, I have a one-year-old for a while. He'll catch up, surely.

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