Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Adventures in China prep

We are making progress on the Almighty To-Do list. Our recent accomplishments include the following:

*We set up the crib. (I think I already mentioned that.)

*We made arrangements with the petsitter and the builder.

*We made housesitting plans with my parents. (I still have to review the instructions and write new ones where necessary.)

*We now have a ride to the airport (5AM limo service!) and home from the airport (Thanks, T&D! You're saving us a harrowing late-night drive home after flying with a baby all day.)

*I'm completely done at work for the rest of the month! I don't have to worry about work until October. The last two days were pretty chaotic, and I wasn't exactly Ms. Attention Span for much of it, but it's done.

*We have flight reservations and hotel reservations. We also signed up for an abridged version of the tour of Beijing. The standard tour is 4 days long. Ours will be 1.5 days. Trust me, it's better that way.

*We have gifts to give - Cape Cod baseball caps for the gents and mini-totes with bottles of nail polish in them for the ladies. We have red wrapping paper.

*We have Skype. I had some errors while downloading it, but when I tested it, it seemed to work.

*We have good news from this friend and this friend - they have made it to China! Only a few more days till they get their kiddoes!

*We have super-good news from this friend. Ready for it? Actually, go look at her blog and find out for yourselves. *grin*

(The bits of news weren't on our To-Do list, but I was excited for them all, so I had to share.)

My husband's first day of school is tomorrow. I'll have the house and the To-Do List all to myself until he gets home. I hope it'll be another productive day. All these To-Do List filled days are getting tiresome, however. I wish we were leaving to get AwesomeCloud right now. Although, if that wish were granted, I'd have to add the caveat that I also wish we were finished packing!


  1. Awww! Thanks for linking to my good news (errr, super good news that is)! What an exciting couple of weeks for us both! Hooray! And I'm glad you got the blocks, and that you like them! I looked all over the place for just the right gift, so it makes me feel really good that you guys like them! I hope Awesome Cloud does too! And yay for productive days and checking things off the list!

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