Thursday, September 24, 2009

Our last full day in Nanjing!

We had a rough night last night - very little sleep. I slept even less than AwesomeCloud. Now I'm paying for that, and the stomach bug which won't quite let me eat, and the horrid pollution. Rocking and singing to the baby as much as I can, but I'm not very energetic and now I've lost my voice.

The MD is supposedly coming to maybe give me antibiotics. i don't know when. i can't understand English with a Chinese accent over the phone. Probably the hotel phone's fault in particular. The MD was more interested in the baby. I'll be happy to talk to him about the baby, but only when he's here so I can understand his responses. He said he was coming at a specific time but I didn't catch what time that will be.

The baby is making some progress. He seems to enjoy looking at us a little more. He was rejecting food so often that now he's getting all formula all the time. We'll still offer him other things, but if he rejects these things, he gets formula. If he starts rejecting the formula... well, he hasn't yet. Maybe it won't become a problem.

Thanks to all for your comments of support, advice, congrats, and commiseration. The internet truly is a lifeline! I can spend 5 hours rocking the baby, walking him around, and singing to him till I'm hoarse, and then I can log on and be greeted by 15 comments. 15 little bits of sanity in text form. Oh, how I love sanity, even in comment-length increments.

Tonight we are going out to dinner with our guide. We need to ask for a late checkout tomorrow because our plane to Guangzhou leaves at 7 PM. We can only waste so much time at the airport! Sheesh! Our agent also recommended the cultural museum, which is quiet and not a tourist trap. I haven't decided yet if we want to try that with AwesomeCloud. He did so poorly yesterday morning with the sightseeing that my protective instincts are being very resistant to the idea. If I can gain some strength and carry him in the sling the whole time... or, if my husband and the guide don't mind me sitting out parts of the museum on an occasional bench, I could maybe do it.

I'm looking forward to Guangzhou, especially if it's really that much nicer than Nanjing. I'm still focused on getting home, but if I can wait out my last week in China in someplace nicer, maybe someplace less cigarette-stinky with some other adoptive families around, my spirits will have an easier time staying up. I think it's a good sign that, when I'm at my wit's end, it's not the baby I want to get rid of - it's the entire city of Nanjing.


  1. I'm dying to see some pics of him.. the one I could find on here so far is beautiful!!! Chin up! Soon you will be home and back to your life enjoying every minute and feeling yourself again!

  2. From a fellow Nanjing mom.....You won't believe how wonderful GZ is. It will make you hate Nanjing even more. English is everywhere, starbucks, and Lucy's (american food). I know food is your last thought, but some really good french fries might make you feel better. Can't wait to see pics of your man. This was our second adoption and even though we thought we were prepared, we were shocked at Nanjing. Can't wait for you to get to GZ and get some relief and enjoy the rest of your time in Awesome Cloud's home country

  3. Shelley's right. Nanjing. GZ, where no one will stare and lots of people speak English, will be a relief. I mocked it before we came to China. How could we like it, when we would be staying somewhere sort of artificially Westernized, and we wanted to see the REAL China.

    Well, we had had more than enough real China by the time we got there! You too, It will be better. You'll know that by the time you read this, I 'm sure.

  4. I have to chime in and agree with Shelley and Lola Granola on the Nanjing theme:) I was pretty sick in Nanjing with the stomach bug, and never regained a great appetite until we came home. Of course, I could spare those 15 lbs I lost, but that's another story:) At least in Guangzhou we could find comfort foods like crispy french fries and an iced mocha coffee. I hope you're soon feeling better and able to find something yummy in Guangzhou. It's not the same as home, but it sure beats Nanjing!