Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Marathon blogging! Boston to Newark

7:02 AM, Logan Airport. We woke up at 4:00 and immediately realized we'd left Melody on the bed all night with no access to her litter box. After showering and grooming, we tossed her into the bathroom and shut the door, hoping she'd go. No such luck. At 5:00, our cab showed up, and we had to give up and enclose her in the bedroom. We lock the cats in the bedroom whenever the builders need to be in and out of the house a lot. Shoulda tossed the litter box in with her. I hope she doesn't turn something in the bedroom into a litter box! It's likely, though. She can only hold it for so long.

Somewhere in there, I realized I hadn't organized my money and ID. I grabbed a handful and headed out the door. I'm still organizing the odds and ends.

I think it's starting to sink in that we're going to China and bringing home a baby. Leaving home must have made a difference. For the past week... month... year, we've been saying all the words while in our familiar, comfortable places. Now we're in the airport with a baby seat and some suitcases full of diapers and crackers. It's starting to get a little more real.

8:58 AM, on the plane from Boston to Newark. Husband's camera ran out of batteries after a total of two pictures. The camera eats batteries. He got some rechargeable batteries for it, but they are packed in the checked suitcases.

We read the safety card immediately upon boarding the plane. There are several rafts available, plus the slides turn into rafts. This will be more useful over the Pacific ocean. From Boston to Newark, we're hugging the coast close enough to get to an airport quickly if something goes wrong. Not likely this morning, though. We have a strong headwind, but no turbulence. And it's only a 50-minute flight.

Newark, lovely Newark. We lived in Bayonne, NJ, for 2-3 years, and then we lived in Nutley for 3 years. Nutley was where we got Trixie and where I first got involved in animal rescue. Well, aside from my two adventures in accidental cat fostering. (Sometimes cats just come along, and you do what you can for them even if you can't keep them.)

So, we know Newark well. We know Penn Station better than the airport; in fact, I don't think I've ever been to the airport. We were train and bus traveling people at that time in our lives. Now we're car people. Can't drive a car to China, though.

How apropos. Frank Sinatra just came onto the ol' iPod.

The clouds are fluffy and broken. We're over land now. Rhode Island, maybe. I offered my window seat to my husband so he could do some cloud-gazing and landscape watching.

He sees Bayonne! Time to turn the laptop off. Newark, here we come.


  1. Thanks for sharing all of this with us! Because of this, it seems like in an itty bitty teeny tiny way we can share in your journey by seeing it through your eyes. :-)

  2. How exciting! I hope your flight is a good one with a mixture of excitement and rest. =)

  3. Lori's good at saying what I'm thinking.