Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Pre-China dreams

I've been having dreams... dreams with themes. In some, my husband and I are finding ourselves in bizarre situations and we have to pretend they are normal.

There are also quite a few male authority figures on the periphery. I don't interact with them very much, but they are there. This may only be because I've been reading a lot of Scienceblogs lately. I like to see what all the latest research results are. (Some of the Sciencebloggers are female; in fact some of my favorites are women. But for some reason, I don't dream about them as much.)

We set up the crib with the help of Brother-in-Law and family. It's in our bedroom. I suppose the plan is to leave the crib in our bedroom but still make up AwesomeCloud's bedroom just for him. We'll get a toddler bed to put in here, and when he's good and ready to sleep alone and in a toddler bed, he'll do so. Meanwhile, he'll have time to accept this room as his personal space, full of toys and books and colorful paintings all for him.

It's not much of a plan just yet, but I can't make a fully-formed plan until we've had some time to get to know him and figure him out.

Meanwhile, we've lined the crib mattress with bits of bubble wrap to deter Trixie from peeing on it. She hasn't gone inside yet, but if she does, she may try to claim it. And if she tries to claim it, she'll try to mark it.

She's sitting on my lap right now. Yes, sweetie furry thing! I'm typing about you!!

So... 8 days before we leave for China. I should make some phone calls, but first I'm trying to get my work done. And then I would like to go shopping. I've thought of a long list of odds and ends that we need to get before we leave.


  1. COunting with you! It will go SO FAST! (And you're right, the cape--even our resort-y view of it, which you have to realize is SO different from our deep in the mountains big garden life back home--is very special.(

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