Friday, September 4, 2009

CA: 9/29, Departure date: 9/15

We got a consulate appointment. This trip to China is FOR REAL! For real, yo.

We are really going. We are really getting our child there, and really bringing him back, honest to God, I swear on my mother's... um... well, I'll soon be able to get my mother to vouch for me. I haven't told any family members yet; they're all headed this way and I'm at work right now so I shouldn't be getting up and looking for cell phone numbers.

My grandmother! She's home! I'll call her.

So, no plans are final so far except the consulate appointment. Husband'o'mine is glad that he'll have the opportunity to be in school for the first few days of classes. Students show up on Sept 10th. Right now he's trying to decide how many days he'll need to settle them in before handing them over to the sub.

His boss (the science department head) is subbing for him. Pretty cool! Husband teaches chemistry, and boss can teach chemistry too, although he normally teaches biology. It is much easier to get a substitute for biology than chemistry.

My husband blushes whenever I mention that he's the Smart Teacher, but it's true! See?

Now it looks like we're leaving on the 15th. Sounds good to me.

We still don't have a Gotcha Day. I'm not sure if the agent provides that. Probably. The travel agent seems to be pretty confident he can start making plans before he learns our Gotcha Day.

It seems we'll be alone on this trip. The travel agent remarked that there were no other families from our adoption agency traveling at the same time. The families we'd thought we would be with, waaaay back when, will be a week ahead of us! Just a week! Sorry, Misty, I guess our caramel mochathingie date at Starbucks will have to be the two of us drinking separately.

I'll toast you, though.

Too bad. The mommies I've been interacting with seem really cool, and I'd love to meet/travel with you all. I'll see one or two of you on the Cape.


  1. Oh! I am so so so so so so SO happy for you!! When will you get to meet your awesome little boy face-to-face for the first time? How does that work? Geez, it's just dawning on my how little I know about what you'll actually be going through once you get there! Oh, hooray for you guys! I actually tearing up here at work. So I should go back to it. Heh. YAYAYAYAY!

  2. Are yo with HAS? I can't wait to see your sweet boy in your arms. It seems as if you have been so patient when you should be screaming and pulling your hair out. You have really shown us all how to wait on the answer from above.

  3. Pixnlil - we don't know exactly what day we meet AwesomeCloud ("Gotcha Day") and we don't know how/when we find out. It has to be in there somewhere! Right now we're negotiating air travel and Beijing tour options with our travel agent. It's so weird. I'm saying, "Great Wall, Tianenmen Square, yada yada" but I'm thinking "Babybabybabybaby!"

    Shelley - Yup, we are with HAS. I will provide pics at the first opportunity - you are by far not the only one anxious to lay eyes on him. He must have hair now! As for my patience, I'm flattered that you think so, and amazed that we've survived the process with our sanity so far. The waiting really is the worst part. (Unless we get quarantined or suffer some similar misfortune - but, barring that, traveling has GOT to be better than waiting.)

  4. Congrats Gynn. So glad you finally got TA & CA. I can't believe we will miss each other by one week. That really stinks. See you all at Good Hope functions though. Can't wait to meet your little guy. Safe travels to us all.


  5. Well, we'll toast each other one week apart. Same Starbucks. Different days. I am so glad you are finally on your way to your little man.