Wednesday, April 1, 2009

We have translations

Good news! The untranslated medical document is now being translated. I unexpectedly found a friend-of-a-friend who did it for $40, and I'll be getting it back tonight. The friend-of-a-friend who was originally going to do it is taking a long time, and in fact I was just going to contact that friend and see if maybe I should give up and find some other venue.

It is unusual to get untranslated documents from the orphanages - normally, the agency arranges for translations of everything before giving them to you. This is a slightly irregular situation, I guess.

I also want to give a shout-out to the girls from the gym. Welcome to my adoption blog! There will be more pics later, I promise! As soon as I find something to take pictures of, I'll post it. We don't have the bedroom ready yet or anything.

Addendum: I found a photo of my husband and me with a friend. I'm on the left, hubby is in the middle, and friend is on the right. I just realized this is the first time most of the other adoptive families have seen what we look like. Here we are!

I've also never posted any pictures of the cats.

Do you want to see the cats?

They're really intelligent cats. Want to see them?

Told you they're intelligent. Melody, the tortie, has cerebellar hypoplasia. That's kind of like cerebral palsy for cats. She has poor muscle control and can't run or jump. She's studying to be a physicist.

Trixie, the calico, was our first special needs rescue. She was born feral and only recently, and with much patience, has come around to being a proper house cat. She's very good at it now - she even tolerates overeager toddlers. Her preferred field is chemistry, and she also enjoys reading.

That's our family so far. I think it's missing something, don't you? I think it could really use a little boy.


  1. Have you seen An Engineer's Guide to Cats on YouTube? I think you'd like it.

  2. No, I haven't. I'll go look it up. Sounds interesting!