Monday, April 6, 2009

Passport photo redo

Apparently I need to redo the scans of our passport photos.

I'm not sure exactly what to do to them. I ran them through Photoshop and tried to brighten them up a bit, but their biggest problem is that they're a bit blurry and Photoshop can't help with that. These are not the actual photos in our actual passports, though. Scanning those is possible, but they're stamped over with all sorts of fraud-proof marks. Maybe that's what i'm supposed to do?

Oh dear. I'm very confused.

Five waiting families got their LOSCs today. We are not among them. If we don't have any further redos, maybe we'll be in the next batch. Or the next.

In other news, I'm finding the medical system intimidating to navigate, but my sister-in-law has offered to help. She's a nurse. I'll welcome her help with big, wide, open arms.

She said, "May I accompany you on the appointments? I can listen to what the doctor says and help you understand it. That's my specialty."

She is made of awesome!


  1. This is ou third time sending passport photos! But we also got our LOSC today! So there is hope yet for you!

  2. Okay, do you scan the photos on the actual passports, with all their designs and watermarks and everything, or do you scan the extras that are floating around outside of the book?

  3. I had extra passport photos that I scanned. They are the same as the one in our passports.

  4. Ugh. We have it easier.
    I am bookmarking you!

  5. Lola: Cool! Is your blogspot blog really inactive now or is it worth following?

    I haven't linked raisingdevils yet - I think I need to add a new app for external links - but I'm reading it. You're very entertaining! I can tell you're a writer. It really shows.

    gotoTheo: well, I sent new copies. Now I'll just wait and see if Pam thinks they're any better. This time, and last, I've scrambled to do them while it was crunchtime at work, and I admit I've been too frantic to do a great job at touching them up. For some reason, I always forget to attach files when I'm using yahoo mail. Not helpful!