Monday, March 30, 2009

DTC, for real

Oh yeah. I almost forgot. Our D went TC on Tuesday.

(Our dossier went to China, that is.)

I saw my agent at the adoption conference, and she told me she'd been informed of its arrival already. Woohoo! It's there!

I asked her, "Is this my log-in date, then?"

"I don't know," she replied.

Okay, so, I may or may not have a log-in date. Most people don't learn what their log-in dates were until several weeks after their dossiers get logged in. Adoptive families put a great deal of weight on the log-in date, but I get the impression that the CCAA doesn't care quite as much. They process you when they process you. Okay, I have decided (unless/until informed otherwise) that my log-in date was Friday.

My agent was at the adoption conference because her agency had a table there. She was chatting up prospective clients. I started talking to a sweet couple who were interested in the agency. Of course my husband and I had only positive things to say. We had just been told 30 seconds before that our dossier was in China. Woohoo! So we gushed and gushed. The couple lives two towns over from us. They seemed encouraged by our story. I think we made a sale. :)

I do hope so. They were really sweet, and if they join our happy Cape Cod family, we'll get to talk with them again.

Later, we bought books. Lots and lots of books! We dropped a lot of money on books. Among the books we bought are The White Swan Express.

Most books about Chinese adoption are girl-oriented, and this one is no exception. But, since we'll most likely be staying in the White Swan hotel where this book takes place, we figured it was relevant enough for us. Then we got some China picture books with boys in them. They were cultural stories rather than adoption stories.

The book room also had The Runaway Bunny.

This was one of my favorite books as a child. It was a household staple. I've only just realized it has themes relevant to adoption. Well, it's about attachment and family. I didn't buy it at the convention; I'll probably get it for cheaper from

There was a newly published book called Made in China which was interesting...

It was about an adopted girl being teased and bullied by her older, blonder, bio-born sister. At the end, she goes to her father, who gives her loving, inspirational assurances. But I was left wanting her to fight back. I wanted to see her stand up to her sister, give some witty retorts, and defuse the rivalry between them. Then they could become friends and start playing together.

Now I want to write a book about an adopted child who stands up to the bully and gives witty retorts.

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  1. Ha! You write that book, and I'll buy it!

    Curious about all your book purchases...