Friday, April 10, 2009

Spinning my wheels

Things are getting resolved. Our dossier has gotten to China. We have a referral, we're utterly in love with him, and we're committed to adopting him. The pediatric specialist is happy with the information we sent him and has given Yun Gui a thumb's up. We're wrapping up all those 'childless couple' activities so they won't die a sudden, violent death or disappoint the other people involved. We've told everyone we're adopting.

There's still lots of prep to do. The house is getting renovated, and until it's done, we have no second bedroom. There's travel - we've never made a trip like this before! So many things to take into account.

There's Customs - we have to pack so that airport security won't have a problem with us.

There's the language barrier - our attempts to learn Mandarin are laughable at best.

There's culture shock - although I don't think it'll be so bad. We've been eating a ton of Chinese food, and we're used to staying in cheap hotel rooms and cramped temporary quarters.

There's the time difference - 13 hours! Night becomes day and day becomes night! My husband plans to become a night owl before we leave. I can't because of my job, but maybe I can become polyphasic (sleeping shorter periods throughout the day).

There's, oh, PARENTHOOD coming up. Most people reading this are already parents. I am about to join you. (I've been prepping for that for years'n'years'n'years and now I'm just waiting for the actual parenthood part to set in.)

Parenthood will beset us in China. How weird is that? So far from the comfort of our own home... but also far from the comfort of Yun Gui's home. What a way to start off a life together - hotel-hopping! It's the way we chose, though, and we're preparing in every way we can think of. Well, almost every way. I can think of lots of little things to do that I haven't started to do yet, and probably never will. Lots of little things will get forgotten. As long as we get our baby home, I won't sweat it. It would be nice to have a photo book, or some souvenirs... it would be nice to visit his finding spot... it would be nice to learn a few more words in Chinese.

We won't be idle in the next few months, but we have to prioritize. I wish I had a guidebook, a checklist, a clear idea of the musts and shoulds versus the noncrucial novelties. I'd like to focus on the novelties. Okay, maybe I'll indulge in just a few.

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