Thursday, April 9, 2009

Not my comfort zone

I'm feeling the stress. It's not only the adoption; it's also the home renovations, which are going slowly and behind schedule. The contractor told me a little too much behind-the-scenes information, and now I'm worried. I realize he just needed to vent, but I'm his client, not his drinking buddy, and his staffing problems are directly affecting my house.

At work I've had trouble concentrating, and it shows in a big way. I have to concentrate on lots of little numbers, and if there are any inconsistencies, I need to notice and correct them. I'm in no state of mind to do so.

My new comic book deadline is the 16th. This is my absolute last possible deadline. If I miss this, my comic book company will suffer. I don't necessarily see this as the end of the world, but my husband cares a great deal.

The wildlife rehab facility where I volunteer has a lot of animals all of a sudden. I'm putting in 2-3 shifts per week. Stress stress!

I'm not a great doer of things. I mean well, but when my to-do list gets too long, I start seeking out quiet time and letting some of my responsibilities slip by... especially the ones that don't give me any sense of instant gratification, or that force me to deal with people in difficult ways. (That means wildlife rehab is safe.)

I wish we had our baby already, and were back from China with our house completed and the bedroom all furnished and ready. Then I could claim lots of quiet time. Admittedly, it would be quiet time with a toddler running around and settling bumpily into his new life. But that's the perfect excuse to drop the ball on some of my less appealing obligations.

"Sorry, I can't! I'm busy parenting. Nyeah!"


  1. Oh! This is the first time I saw Xi Yun Gui's photo and . . . oh, he DOES sparkle and glow and have rainbows and unicorns dancing around him!! Wow. What a sweet, cute boy.

  2. Heehee!

    I imagine he has hair now and is getting cuter by the minute, if such a thing is possible. I'm trying to be happy with the old pictures and not wish too hard for more recent photos, because I know I won't get any, no matter how much I beg and plead.

  3. He is a stunning cutie! you're right about the rainbows.

    Comic book company? I didn't know! I'm loving Adventures in Cartooning right now, from James Strum and a couple of guys at the Center for Cartoon Studies. Have you seen it? You must!

    I've been drawing a graphic "announcement" for our new daughter, but I doubt I'll have the balls to send it. I'm a total dabbler.

  4. Send it, Lola! I bet no one will judge your artistic talents unfavorably.