Wednesday, April 29, 2009

White Star Forest

Lín Xuán Bái.

That's my name, directly translated from the meanings of my legal English/Italian/Portuguese name. My legal name means "White Star Forest." I put it in reverse order, though: Lín means forest, Xuán (a name I LOVE) means star, and Bái is white.

If you click on the name parts in the blue square, you can hear what the syllables sound like.

I was inspired to look my name up after reading Lola's latest post in her blog Raising Devils, in which she discusses how easily Chinese people collect and switch between names compared to us stodgy, permanence-oriented Americans. I'm more of a name-switcher myself - I've had three legal names, plus a handful of variations on them, plus 3 or 4 significant internet nicknames, plus a pseudonym or two.

I thought I'd go ahead and give myself another name while I was at it. Besides, my son will have a Chinese name and an American name; why shouldn't his parents? It's something the whole family can do!

My source is this Chinese-English dictionary. Note that you need to learn the meanings of your name before plugging them in - it doesn't translate "Mary" or "Bob." You have to type "bitter" or "fame" accordingly.

Here's a nice website for looking up name meanings.

My husband's is
Lín Shí Quán

Which means Authority Rock Forest. Sweet.

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