Monday, March 2, 2009

Not so good with the motivation

I had all these big plans to prep myself while we wait to go to China.

  • We were going to learn Mandarin. Bu yao, xie xie!
  • We were going to read a ton of books. I've been reading Wild Swans for four weeks now.
  • We were going to start a blog and customize it with cute little Chinese baby motifs. Oh well, a lighthouse motif is cute too.
  • We were going to set up our upstairs office and turn the temporary office into Yun Gui's bedroom. Come on, builders, build us an upstairs!
  • We were going to get a dog. *whine*
  • We were going to drag out the sewing machine and make quilts, carry-alls, and baby clothes. Instead I have a box full of fabric from Jo-Ann's reduced rack in my closet.
  • We were going to clean the basement. Har hardy-har.
  • I was going to learn to cook Chinese food. How hard could it be? Oh man, I really messed up that so-called "fried rice" last night, though.
  • We were going to research the culture of Wuxi and its province, Jiangsu. I glanced at the Wikipedia entry once. La la la.
  • We were going to make a comic book all about the adoption process. Have I drawn even one line? Nooo. *splat*

It's 2:30 PM and I haven't done a darn thing all day. It's not too late. I still could.

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