Saturday, March 14, 2009

Happy Pi Day

Today, 3/14, is Pi Day. We are celebrating by having shepherd's pie for dinner and Dutch apple pie for dessert with friends.

There are also several words in Mandarin Chinese with the pinyin spelling 'pi'. Here are some:

pī - grand, powerful, one of a pair (as in socks), to scatter or spread out, error, clap of thunder

pí - beer, low wall, to adjoin or border, weary, fur

pǐ - to part, to divide or split in two, ordinary person, clogged, great fortune, to injure, hobby

pì - rustic or secluded, to pair together, to fart, to pour, to bleach or clean


  1. Ooh - have you seen the "Wireless" catalog's Pi plate? I really want it.

  2. No, I haven't! Does it have a pi right in it, so I don't have to sprinkle one with paprika or sugar or carve one into the crust?