Sunday, March 29, 2009

E-shopping for the trip to China

The adoption conference yesterday was very informative. The last seminar was run by an airline employee who gave us lots of great travel advice. She recommended several products and accessories that I either don't have yet or wouldn't have thought of on my own. Now I'm inspired to go shopping for the following items:

International Traveller German Polycarbonate 21" Hardside Upright

"Some airlines are stricter than others about the size of your carry-on," she said. "If you're switching airlines, the first may accept a carry-on that's overstuffed and bloated, but the second may measure it and force you to check it. This suitcase will always keep the right dimensions. Also, if you do check it, it's strong enough to withstand the abuse."

The All-in-One Car Seat, Baby Stroller and Booster Seat.

"It's a little on the pricey side," she said, "but you get what you pay for." Hers survived two kids and a whole lot of travel and was still in good enough condition to demonstrate. Also, some other options like airline-provided bassinets come with problems - the airline may not always have them available, and they're not safe if the plane hits turbulence. And holding the child on your lap the whole way may not be ideal - especialy since at that time we'll only have had him for two weeks.

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