Sunday, October 18, 2009


Yesterday AwesomeCloud went to his first street fair. He had clam chowder for the first time and loved it, although he had trouble with the soupyness of soup.

Then he went to his first rock concert. It was at the Forestdale Baptist church. Our friends, the minister's wife and family, invited us. The first band was made of teenagers, including the son of the minister and his wife. They were very good; we were impressed! The second was a Christian blues band. (Hey, we like music of all kinds.) AwesomeCloud had an awesome time, rocking from side to side and joining in with his rattle.

Today he started using the "d" sound regularly for the first time. He said "da dee" to the contractor. Then later, he said "da da" to his dad.

He also reached up to signal he wanted to be picked up for the first time.

That one moves me the most. He's making gestures to us to communicate what he wants us to do. He's not just bursting into tears at the realization that he lacks something. In fact, he doesn't shed tears at all. He just looks at his parent and raises his arms, all calm-like. It's the most amazing thing.

Now if only he could get control of himself at mealtime when the food appears... I mean, we're not waving food around to torment him or anything. He will get to eat it. He calms down as soon as the first few spoonfuls go in. It's just the beginning part that makes him go crazy.


  1. Hooray for a great weekend! Hope things continue to go well. I laughed about the mealtime crazies. We have those too. It's as if she forgets that I've been feeding her 3-5 meals per day for the past month. If anyone even mentions the word "eat" she goes bananas.

  2. Is there some very quick, non-meal-spoiling, baby appetizer you could give him while you fix the rest of his dinner? Like a small handful of Cheerios?

  3. Mommy: Yeah, like that (but without the language comprehension).

    Anonymous: We've been told we feed him too many Cheerios (we rely on them heavily to quiet him down so we can eat too) and he should cut back. I've tried other things, like fruit slices, but he's still struggling to grasp the idea that feeding himself before the spoon shows up is acceptable. He'll just stare at the fruit slices and scream. After being spoon-fed, he'll happily eat finger foods. But he has trouble self-starting.