Monday, October 5, 2009

Worst. Night. Ever.

Oh, but he's an angel now. We took a stroll to see the horses and I counted to 100 twice in Chinese for him. He enjoyed his breakfast and didn't even panic when I ate in front of him.

Oops. Now I have to work, and he's having a meltdown just in time. Sorry kiddo, but you're safe in the crib and Mama has some money to earn. I'd been planning to sit him next to the computer in the stroller and occasionally hand toys to him, but he very loudly wanted OUT. So, to the crib he goes.

He's crying, but he'll probably fall asleep soon. Lord knows he didn't sleep last night, even after we tried all day to wear him out. He tried to pull another all-nighter, but neither one of his parents were willing to stay up with him. Daddy had to work today, and could've used the sleep. I fell asleep early, but was so groggy when I woke up at midnight that I could neither fall asleep again nor do anything useful.

Today's mission, again, is to keep him awake all day. I have failed again - he's sound asleep, and I'm stuck working.

He's got to get over his jet lag sometime, right? It seems like the harder I try, the more he slides backwards. Everything has backfired.

I'll post some pics of him later, after I've found the flash drive.


  1. I am so sorry. The jet lag sounds awful. I hope you guys all get back on track and start getting some good sleep soon!

  2. Oh here is a big ((hug))! I know how hard jet lag is!! Experts say for every hour of time difference it takes one day to make up for it. So 12 hour time difference= it will take at Least 12 days to adjust. Make sure he gets sunlight every day this will help his little body clock adjust! You are doing a good job! Just hang on a little longer, he will be on your time soon!! Sleep deprivation is so hard on everybody. Elaine