Thursday, October 8, 2009


I just spent $180 on cloth diapers, plus a hanging cloth diaper bin so that we won't have yet another bulky plastic bin getting in the way of everything.

Babies use soooo many diapers, and I use cloth, um, accessories for me and love them, and 'disposable' does not mean 'biodegradable', so it seemed like the obvious choice. In a week I'll tell you how it goes.

I was looking at little glass baby food jars marked 'bananas' and 'apples' and thinking that they use an awful lot of jar per unit of food. He's on a soft-food diet at the moment, and baby food is the obvious way to go, but it occurred to me that those little glass jars accumulate quickly.

So I bought a great big jar of regular store-brand applesauce. And fresh bananas go for $0.29 at Trader Joe's. Next on the list: boil and mash my own sweet potato.

I wonder how to do my own corn. I'll need the blender, huh?

Today we learned to kick a tree. I'd push the stroller up to the trunk of a tree and say, "Kick a tree!" He'd give it a little *kick* with his little foot and giggle.

He also crawled for the first time. I put him on the floor, again, even though he hates it there. As usual, he devolved into an ocean of tears and drool. (Mostly drool.) I tried several things to distract him, but nothing worked - he kept screaming and screaming and soaking the rug. And then Melody showed up. So I rolled a jingle ball cat toy over to her. Hey, if I can't play with the kiddo, I can try to play with the cat.

Suddenly I had AwesomeCloud's attention.

Melody plays a mean game of jingle ball. She gets really into it. I guess fun begets fun, because pretty soon the kiddo had forgotten his crying jag and just had to have a jingle ball of his own.

I do chase stray jingle balls, but when I'm up against a cat and a baby, there's only so much I can do. AwesomeCloud started to have to chase his own jingle balls. Voila! Crawling!

He's really bad at it. But you have to start somewhere. He has to start by getting over his detestation of the floor. Can't crawl very far in a playpen, after all!

So, maybe it will get easier from here. At the moment, being on the floor makes him fall apart so utterly and thoroughly that it's very hard to steel myself and put him down anyway. It really is like death throes, at least to the observer. I have no idea why he reacts so strongly, or the best way to go about ridding him of his floor-terror. Did a floor bite him once when he was younger? Maybe his nightmares involve floors chasing him with big gaping maws and flashing teeth.

Dogs, those are fine. Huge roaring trucks - eh. The builder's power tools? *yawn*

But floors.... eeek!


  1. I'm just trying to picture such a nightmare, and it gives me the giggles! I'm glad to hear that there was some playing and giggling with floor time. It sounds like you're doing great Mama! Keep it up!

  2. Immersion blender, the kind with like a mini food processor you can attach to it. Sweet potatoes, squash, beans, apples, chicken, ANYTHING. He is old enough to eat what you eat, I think, only blended.

    Also, foods that mash without cooking: avocado, rice with a little miso soup ( that's for when you're eating sushi out). Grown up soups are fine for him. Kiwi.

    Jars are good as backup but once you're used to thinking about it, you'll find he can eat lots of your food. (Pick up an Anabel karmel book at bookstore or library for ideas, too). Good luck!

  3. Eating sushi out? Whatwhenhuh?

    I own three blenders... if none of them do the job, I'm not buying a fourth. But surely among the three, one or more will be sufficient. He can eat small bits of things in his mush. It just has to be mostly soft.

  4. Oh - I have a little manual grinder you can use to mash stuff up into baby consistency, conveniently sized to take right along with you! I'll have to bring it over.