Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Sweet, wonderful tap water!

Look! I'm drinking tap water! Bwahahaha! And so is my baby! BWAAA-hahaha!

Barnstable tap water is delicious - among the top 5 municipal waters in the state. Having to avoid the water in China was a real blow. I'm so happy to have my cool, clean, perfectly potable water back.

AwesomeCloud is having a tough day. I'm trying to bang out a significant amount of my work, so he's getting far more crib time than he desires. Our friend Maryellen lent us a playpen, which is a huge help, but the crib is closer to my workstation while the playpen is too close to the construction workers. Soon things will change. When the renovations are done, my work computer and the playpen will go upstairs.

I think he fell asleep. OMG I'm so tired... but I should work more.


  1. Gynn: Hope things get better soon. Wish I could be there to help. A-Cloud is such a wonderful baby! I felt so sad having to leave him & you guys last Sat.

    Have you tried putting toys in his crib to play with while you work?
    I remember you telling me that you might have to sleep on the floor with him. Have you tried that? then carry him to the crib when he is really asleep.
    We send our love.

  2. I don't know what kind of work you are trying to do, but if it involves more that 20 minutes of your time per sitting, and it is something you must do now (ie you can't take a few more weeks off), I would strongly suggest getting a babysitter. At this age a child should not be expected to entertain himself for too long, and putting him in his crib and letting him cry may be detremental to his attachment (and may be confusing since it is clearly not bedtime).