Sunday, August 8, 2010


Cloud said "WHEELBARROW."

Clear as day.


He also had that quintessential experience of all country kids - a ride in a wheelbarrow. Three, actually. We were at the butterfly garden, you see, putting wood chips around the blueberry bushes in Plot 3. The garden is looking lovelier than ever, and is finally full of butterflies (mostly monarchs).

And we got to bring home some wood chips for our own yard. I trimmed the areas around the hydrangeas with it. Our yard is looking lovelier, too. The addition of fresh piney wood chips almost makes up for our burnt, drought-ridden grass.

Aw, who needs grass anyway? I want a lawn full of nothing but clover. That would be much cooler. Grass lawns are overrated.

I think Cloud has leveled up in stamina. No nap today, and he still managed to wear me out, then wear his daddy out, then wear me out again.

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