Thursday, August 26, 2010

After a great event comes a great leap

It seems like a pattern. After we take AwesomeCloud to a major event, such as a con, he experiences a developmental leap. He walks better, or climbs, or strings two words together more often. Or he articulates the consonant at the end of words more frequently.

I still wouldn't go so far as to call him "verbal" yet, but he's suddenly gotten a bit closer.

I wonder if there's a connection. Maybe it's neuropsychology. The social stimulation encourages more synaptic connections to form in the brain.

Maybe I'm experiencing the same phenomenon when I come home wanting to draw more and make costumes.

Neuropsychology is cool. If AwesomeCloud decides he wants to study it someday, I won't complain at all. He practices it already, after all. We all do. I know I, for one, gain more insight into myself from neuropsychology than from regular psychology.

That's because regular psychologists pull their ideas out of their... er... posteriors, shall we say. The best of them will readily admit it, too.

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