Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Cloud's second con... and a new book!

Right at this moment I'm putting the finishing touches on the art for Zephyr & Reginald: Minions For Hire#3: GIANT SPIDER!!! It's going to debut at 5Pi-Con the weekend after next.

Pi-Con is a charming little con, one of my favorites in fact. It gets the college crowd from Smith, UMass Amherst, and Mount Holyoke. Last time we were there, four (!?) years ago, we did some brisk business. There's some gaming and board games, but the main attraction is the seminars. I love seminars. Seminars are my thing.

AwesomeCloud is coming, of course. This will be his second con, his second dealer table, and his first weekend-long con. As I recall, there weren't a lot of children at our last Pi-Con, but he'll be welcome there. We won't be bringing him to the late late featured show, who this year is Tom Smith, but... hmm... maybe we will. Tom Smith is hilarious. But we WON'T be bringing him to the Rocky Horror Picture Show, if they do it again this year. It's not listed, so I don't know if they will.

It will be harder to juggle a dealer table, seminars, and a kid than it was to juggle a dealer table and seminars. I recall that last time my husband and I had to negotiate some conflicts of interest in the seminar department because somebody had to stay at the table.

But if this con goes well, I'll feel even better about taking Cloud to Origins someday!

The problem with Origins is the 16-hour drive. Okay. Maybe we'll start small, like Arisia.

Lately I've been reading the buzz from the blogger moms coming home from BlogHer. At first BlogHer sounded like a fun little con. Seminars all over the place, yay! But I'm gradually changing my mind. First of all, it sounds like they strongly discourage you from bringing your kids. It sounds like a mommy getaway. Geez. Even Readercon lets you bring kids, I think. Hmm, maybe not. But Boskone does. And every gaming and comic book convention in the world certainly does.

Also, a con that's all women and all about women... not just for women like WisCon is... yeep.

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