Friday, August 27, 2010

AwesomeCloud at the Irish pub

Today we took AwesomeCloud to an Irish pub. Not to drink Guinness, although the beer bottles interested him and I had to keep leading him away from them. No, we were there to celebrate a major victory for an old son-of-a-friend-of.... okay, he is my husband's mother's friend's son. My husband used to babysit him. I'm pretty sure I met him once, briefly, in passing, when he was much heavier.

His big victory was losing 102 lbs in three months. Pretty amazing.

He looked great, and we're a little sad that my mom-in-law didn't live to celebrate along with us. We're also sad that Mom-in-law never got to meet AwesomeCloud, and I was thinking about that a lot because we were surrounded by the old crew - the celebrant's mom and a few other ladies who'd been around during those difficult last days.

The last Mom-in-law knew, we were still thinking about Vietnam and still assuming we'd adopt a girl.

Anyway, so, we had fun, but there was soooo much waiting. And we had to practice cheering. Cloud had fun for the first three takes, but his stamina soon wore out. Fortunately we were in the back where no one important could see us.

And if you're wondering why a weight-loss hero would be at an Irish pub with all that Irish pub food... well... everyone else was wondering that too. But it turned out they had a great spread of crunchy veggies and healthy wrap sandwiches. We all ate well, and healthy too. And then we went out for donuts. (Yes, we're missing this great opportunity to be inspired toward healthy eating and healthy living. Sorry.)

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  1. Wow a great loss for him!!! Very inspiring! And funny re the donuts!!