Monday, July 5, 2010

Working mom, SAH mom, and me

When it comes to the stay-at-home moms criticizing the working moms for working, and the working moms criticizing the stay-at-home moms for not working, I'm beyond criticism. I have the best of both worlds. I work from home.

In fact, I'm doing it right now. While my husband and son are at a friend's cookout and playing in the sprinklers.

Go me. Wooooot.

That's life, though. You say you'll get it all done during naptime, but of course you don't. You're too tired. You're also too tired after bedtime. You also can't give your work your full attention like you can at the office, knowing that the day care provider will handle it all - if the kid wakes up crying, you're the one who has to drop everything (remember to hit 'save'!) and tend to him.

So you work when you can. On holidays, for instance.

AwesomeCloud is being enriched right now, eating cookout food with Daddy and playing with our friends' kids. I'm not too upset at being unable to join them. But maybe one quick run through the sprinkler, and a dish of fruit salad, would be nice.

I have a bag of cherries and some leftover steak tips and some ice cream. I'll get by.

As a side note, maybe those working moms and stay-at-home moms should stop surfing the internet looking for opportunities to criticize each other and... I don't know... there must be something else they can do with their time. Go to a nice cookout, maybe.


  1. I think maybe the working from home would be a happy medium, although I know I would be terribly distracted. I've always fallen somewhere in between working and SAH by being "as needed". This is fun place to be because neither camp can critisize me!

  2. It is kind of a sad statement for the parent community, though, that we think so much about avoiding criticism. Maybe there should be less criticism. Mothers should be respected for finding our own work/home balance.