Friday, July 16, 2010

I'm so tired I can barely......

Today we went into Boston. It was free harbor cruise day. We marched AwesomeCloud all the way from South Station to Boston Harbor. There was crying, laughing, dragging of feet, dashing out of reach, and lots of stops to drink some water.

The free harbor cruise was 'sold' out. They gave us vouchers for a free harbor cruise some other day. We think we'll go soon.

We ate the picnic we'd brought for Spectacle Island in a little shaded alcove next to the Rose Kennedy Greenway. Then we considered going to Chinatown.

Later, we changed our minds about Chinatown and went right to South Station. There, we had another picnic, with three people sharing one chair.

I tried a McDonald's berry smoothie. It was good. I've also had their mocha frappe. It was okay. I haven't eaten at McDonald's in 17 years, but if they want to introduce drinks that I like, I'm all for it.

I'd probably be a Starbuck's fan if I could afford it.


We took the train back to the car and then we drove to my grandmother and great aunt's house, where we ate more and enjoyed the AC. Cloud's great-grandmother and great-great-aunt were happy to see him. He showed them how quickly he warms up to people even if he hasn't seen them in a while - very quickly.

When we were leaving, he gave his great-grandmother a kiss on the cheek. I was proud and a little teary-eyed.

So... our great harbor cruise adventure did not involve a boat.

It will next time.

Also, I'm going to be in the NEWSPAPER!!!! One of the local papers - Falmouth Enterprise. And I'm not going it be in it per se. But the reporter has been reading my blog, so I'll probably be quoted here and there.

Yeah, it's not on the level of KJ appearing on CNN, but it's something. I'm happy. :-D

*waves hi to reporter*

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