Monday, July 12, 2010

Aquariums - my new obsession

Exciting things are happening in the aquarium.

First, a recap. My brother gave AwesomeCloud his spare fishtank as a late birthday present, and I chipped in with supplies and the fish. We got 6 platys, or Southern platyfish, named Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Maine.

One of the fish had babies. I think it was Maine. There was hardly any shelter in the tank at the time, so I added a bunch of pebbles and created hiding spots.

Vermont and Maine died. And then another fish had babies. Probably Rhode Island - she was looking pretty pudgy for a while.

Now we have one baby who is quickly growing, and who dares to come out in the open once in a while. He has a single tail spot like Maine did. We named him New York. There are also at least three tiny baby platys who almost never show themselves. There may be more than three. They look like tiny swimming eyes with transparent fins on them.

We recently added a pleco, which is short for plecostomus. It's a type of algae-eating catfish with a round suckermouth. We named it New Jersey. New Jersey is a lively little guy. The tank has never been cleaner! Unfortunately, we won't be getting New Jersey a mate and breed little plecos, because his species is territorial.

But that's okay. Connecticut is pregnant. I looked closely and could see the little eggs showing through her translucent belly. Today we added even more rocks for the new batch of babies.

(What am I going to do with all these platys?)

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