Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Foodie firsts

AwesomeCloud picked and ate his first wild blackberry!

And he doesn't even like fruit very much. I think there's an instinct for eating pick-it-yourself fruit. I think I have it too.

In all, he ate four blackberries - three I picked for him and one he picked himself. He even sort of followed my instructions on choosing a good berry to pick. "The black ones, not the red ones." I don't know if he knows his colors yet, since he's never really responded to any color in a way that proved he knew it by name. But I keep trying.

Daddy and Joe took him to the Roger Williams Zoo in Providence today, while I spent the afternoon at home sweaty and miserable and failing to find the paper cutter so I can cut the signs I made for Audubon. Meh. Sometimes I go outside and look up at the gray clouds, hoping for a raindrop. None yet.

Hmm. AwesomeCloud had another first today, but I can't recall what it was. They come so fast and furious, especially if you count the nuances, like 'first sentence spoken as a three-syllable phrase' and 'first sentence assembled independently' as two different things.

He tried his first bratwurst sausage yesterday, and had his first taco a week ago. (The bratwurst was my first, too. Hey, we can't all be on the same schedule.)

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  1. I wonder if eating berries from a bush is a 2 yr old thing. I was watching the boys on Monday and Tommy was doing the same thing with the blackberry bushes in Val's yard. In fact, he kept looking for ripe berries when we walked away. Zack, on the other hand, wanted nothing to do with it and would not eat any.

    I also noticed that Tommy & Awesome Cloud both were fascinated with bugs.