Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Weird baby names

I admit it - I'm fascinated by the new baby naming trends. They're so... weird! No boy named Jasper or girl named Peyton would have gotten away without merciless teasing when I was a kid. I love reading baby name articles and laughing, cringing, or boggling at the creative names. People not only took the time to dream these names up, but loved them to the point of choosing them for their children, above all others.

Here's a sampling of all kids' names I found from a random blog search here on Blogger:
Eliza, Delia, Andrew, Joshua, and Sophie
Robbie, Alexa, Rachel, and Cole
Cali, Nyah, and Carson
Galla, Ryken, and Paisley
Oscar and Pippa
Sadie and Trent
Caden and Aliayah

There are some familiar ones in there, and some not so familiar. The current Top 50 lists are looking a bit unfamiliar too.

But it occurs to me that AwesomeCloud won't think these names strange at all. In fact he'll be growing up in a society that has, to some degree, lost its stigma over unusual names.

What a dramatic change. And this change is thanks to people of my generation (and a little younger). We were the ones who dared to buck social norms with our kids' names, and by doing so, we have changed social norms en masse! It may be a fad, but it's a fad that genuinely changes the way people think about each other. I wonder what naming conventions will occur in the next generation, when our kids have kids.

(Note: AwesomeCloud's legal name is an old timeless standard, so when I say 'we', I'm not necessarily including my husband and myself. But it's not out of the question for our hypothetical second child. We'll see.)


  1. What about your name? You invented that.

    M O M

  2. I actually didn't. I got it out of a name etymology book.


  3. My husband is reading Freakonomics right now... his favorite chapter was on parenting. What those researchers said is that we've been on a baby name trend for awhile - if you want to see what names will hit the Top Ten list fifteen or so years from now, watch the list of names the wealthy are giving their children right now.

  4. Oh. There's a weird thought.

    Hey, we've got wealthy people right here.
    So, basically, AwesomeCloud's kindergarten classmates will set the trends that he and his wife will follow... that doesn't sound right.

    Actually, his peers will, and he will marvel at the fact that his contemporaries' kids all have names like the kids he grew up with.

    And then he'll name his kids Ralph and Enid and everyone else will boggle.