Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Do leukemia patients think about interracial adoption?

Does your family get stared at in public? When you do, do you assume that people are staring at you because you're a multiracial family? Do you wonder what, exactly, they think of your situation? Do you think they're making pleasant or unpleasant assumptions about you?

Today AwesomeCloud and I passed by a teenage girl in a wheelchair with a scarf over her bald head and a surgical mask over her face. She gave us a good, long stare. The person pushing the wheelchair gave us a brief glance, the kind you give when you don't find a passing stranger interesting at all. Or when you're too polite to let on that you may find a stranger interesting.

I gave the girl the same kind of glance. AwesomeCloud stared.

Did the girl think we were wondering about her? Was she hyper-aware of our attention? Or was she momentarily too intrigued by our differing races to think about herself?

When strangers stare, do you feel like you're always the center of attention? And if so, do you get tired of it?

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