Friday, June 25, 2010

I have fun without the kid/the kid has fun without me

I just got back from my vacation in the White Mountains all alone (plus my old friend Jen). It was niiiiiice. It was... well, mostly nice. It was nice but with a lot of rain, and with poorly matched expectations and sleep schedules. It was a five-hour drive to get there, through Boston, and a five-hour drive back, also through Boston. But I finally managed to hike in the woods early this morning (without Jen) and I got a lot of drawing done.

The Boyz weren't home when I got in, so I called my husband's cell phone and left a message saying I'm home.

He calls back. "I'm on a boat," he announces."

"Oh," I say. "Is AwesomeCloud also on a boat?"

"Yes," says my husband. "We're having a great time. We're coming back from Martha's Vineyard."

Ohhhh. My two-year-old son has now been to Martha's Vineyard and I haven't. (It's true - I've lived here for 5 years and have still never been to Martha's Vineyard.)

I took pictures during my trip, but they're all bad. I mean all of them. At one point I was playing with the camera's manual settings, and then I sort of forgot I'd done that. At another point, I attempted to chase a fox whom I'd narrowly missed photographing, hoping for another chance. Haha, not likely. Those things are fast. I was... haha... outfoxed.

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