Thursday, June 10, 2010

AwesomeCloud saves O'ville Library

AwesomeCloud and I have been invited to go to O'ville Library tomorrow morning to be interviewed for a library fundraising project. We'll be asked to explain why we value the library and why it deserves a brand shiny new building with a working septic system.

We had plans for a new building, but the architect passed away 3 or 4 years ago. He was a pillar of the community, and the whole village mourned him. The post office put its flag at half staff. The funeral procession passed my workplace. Many of my customers expressed sadness as they ordered their sandwiches.

The library plans faltered. For a while, the architectural drawings were displayed, but over time, the status quo took over. The library fundraisers went back to paying the utility bills and draining the septic tank.

Then we had a recession, and all that.

Now the new library plans are back on track, it seems. And we are among the local people chosen to sell the project on their fundraising media.

It's not tomorrow anymore. I just got another call from the organizer saying she has to postpone it to another day. I'll keep you all informed.

Life is so wonderfully strange! I'm glad I'm keeping a blog. There's no way I'd be able to remember all these little adventures and newspaper appearances and tell Cloud about them when he's older. My mother and I were talking about my early childhood last night, and even though she told me a thing or two that I hadn't known already, it struck me that so many of the details have been lost forever.

The beginning of Cloud's life is shrouded in mystery, and may always be inaccessible. (Unless China changes a lot of its social policies, which we keep hoping for.) But this stretch of his life is being well documented, and that's a plus.

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