Monday, June 14, 2010

It's the start of Daddying Season

Summertime! School is out! Do you know what that means?

Daddy has his days free. As of today, he is now officially spending more time taking Cloud out of the house and leaving me behind.

The plan to have an adventure a day, some small, some bigger. I get a chunk of each day with Cloud, too, while Daddy goes off to work on his Daddy projects. So it's not like I'm being left out.

The timing couldn't be better, let's just say. The house needs a Major Cleaning, and I'm gonna spend all this alone time doing it. Clean house, here you come!

Also, I think AwesomeCloud is starting to exit his "all Mama all the time" phase and maybe... maaaaaybe.... start to prefer Daddy a little bit more. He still loves me. But he seems pretty cool with time away from me so far.

Also, I'm reaching a stage myself where I'm tired, I'm emotionally distant, and although I'm still being Mama, maybe I take advantage of Daddy's increased availability a little more than I absolutely have to. Maybe a little alone time will be good for me. It will certainly be good for the house.

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