Friday, February 12, 2010

Good timing, bad timing

On Tuesday, I meant to call BCH and postpone our appointment with the surgeon. The forecast said storms and I'd been planning to drive in alone this time.

Wednesday morning came, and as soon as I got up I remembered that I'd forgotten to call. And the forecast sounded doom-and-gloomier than ever. But outside there was not a single snowflake. I figured I'd call the surgeon after I dropped my husband off at work and find out if it was too late to cancel.

We got to the school and the parking lot was empty. Apparently the school had felt the forecast was pretty severe, too.

But there was still not a flake in sight. And now I had my husband around to accompany me. We decided to go for it.

We're glad we did. While other areas got hammered, the Boston-to-Cape area got much less than it could've. And most of the snow we got came late Wednesday night. The appointment itself went well and the drive was smooth.

We got our surgery appointment, too. It is... the day before AwesomeCloud's birthday.

On his first birthday, I was making the decision not to allow the orphanage to perform his surgery in China. On his second birthday, we'll be in post-op.

It's his last surgery, though. After this one, we'll be done done done. (Aside from followup.) And that means on his third birthday, we get to paaaaaaaar-TAY! With, like, cake and streamers and stuff. Yay.

Only another year. I can't wait! Maybe we'll rent a pony.

(I'm kidding about the pony.)

(I'll go all out and rent an Arabian stallion.)

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