Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Evil, scheming Mama

Every now and then, I start thinking and thinking, and I come up with schemes. This is one of those times. Here are a few of my schemes:

1) In the dug-up area of the back yard, instead of spreading grass seed, I want to plant... lettuce! Lots and lots of lettuce. It's a win-win-win situation. We'll have tons of home-grown lettuce right at our back door; we won't have to mow; in a few years the grass will reclaim the yard itself, for free.

2) GIANT SQUID!!!!! (More later)

3) The chicken baby food I feed Ban Lu is only chicken, water, and corn starch. Could I make my own Ban Lu food? I have three blenders; surely one of them can finely puree boiled chicken.

4) I thought of a great birthday cake design for AwesomeCloud's second birthday.

Number 1 frustrates me because I want the snow to melt RIGHT NOW and start planting. Number 4 saddens me, because AwesomeCloud won't be able to eat cake on his birthday. He won't be able to eat anything. He'll be getting food through a tube. And I bet no one will even show up that day, because it's a weekday.

Number 2 might never come to fruition, because I'm stressed out in small ways about the upcoming surgery and my ambition doesn't exactly spring to life when I'm distracted by stressful things.

I can still do number 3.


  1. oh no! designing a bday cake? did you ever seem my posts on birthday cakes? perhaps you could make him a rocketship cake. if you don't know what im talking about you will have to look it up on my blog. i have a seriously disturbing issue with cakes.

  2. I saw that post. It was hilarious. I'd like to think my cake-decorating efforts won't be too disastrous, although you never know until I try. I made a beach scene cake for my husband once that was actually kind of pretty, although the turquoise-colored frosting came out looking sickly in photographs.