Saturday, February 20, 2010

Evil schemes, updated

1) There's still snow on the ground, so no planting has started. However, the ground itself, being mostly sand, is soft and muddy under the snow. Loose, sandy soil is good for lettuce. The stuff grew like weeds last November and we stuffed our sandwiches with it before Thanksgiving. So now I just have to wait for the ground to expose itself and we can start the great yard-lettuce experiment.

2) No progress. Well, small progress. My sewing machine finally made it to the repair shop. I'll get it back next week. Sometime after that, GIANT SQUID!!!

3) I made Ban Lu food. It was simple - husband bought me two family-packs of chicken, I boiled one, boned it, and shoved it in the blender, and soon I had jars and jars of delicious pureed chicken. Yesterday I tried to finish the job, but Cloud flipped out when I turned on the blender, so I pureed the rest this evening while the guys took a sunset walk on the beach. Now I have pureed chicken in the fridge and freezer and Ban Lu can eat good food for much more cheaply than before.

(See, his problem is that he can't hold down any regular cat food but the most expensive, prescription cat food. However, he can eat pure chicken, and chicken baby food, with no problem. He smells a lot better, too. Sadly, his improved health won't preclude the possibility that he'll die of cancer.)

4) No change. There will be no cake on AwesomeCloud's birthday. I continue to be sad. That's the way it is.

Today we all went to Rhode Island to visit Great-Aunt Evelyn. We had a great visit! AwesomeCloud was active, running around her tiny house without stopping, but he didn't break a thing! In fact he hardly even touched a thing. He clutched his jingle ball in one hand and some coasters in the other hand and ran cutely up and down the hall, giggling and babbling, charming Evelyn and her neighbor Irene.

AwesomeCloud liked Evelyn's cat better than the cat liked AwesomeCloud. But, again, he didn't mistreat her or terrorize her and was accepting of the cat's reticence.

I hope he keeps his gentle respect toward animals. I'm sure there will be ncidents in the future - he'll try pulling a cat's tail or chase a cat too much - but I'll try to encourage him to keep his gentle ways.

Later, I shared my plate of ziti and meatballs with him at a great little restaurant. He hardly made a mess at all, only turning a couple of meatball chunks into toys. The waitresses fawned over him.

I have the best kid. He really is. Now if only he'd get over his irrational fear of blenders...


  1. lol! I like your evil schemes! I hope we are able to find the right home for us and move soon! I'm facing the possibility of not having my garden this year and it makes me very sad. I thoroughly enjoyed many of the veggies from my yard last year - especially the lettuce! =) It's so easy to grow and makes so much of the stuff from each plant! I'm sorry about the cakeless birthday. That is very sad. Hopefully he makes lots of improvement and perhaps there can be a later cakeful unbirthday to kind of make up for it. =) And I really can't wait to see more on GIANT SQUID!

  2. Many blenders are cheaply made, and make more noise than they needs to as a result. We go rid of our old one because it was so loud it literally hurt the ears to use it. The new one is far from silent, but at least it doesn't cause hearing loss.