Monday, February 15, 2010

AwesomeCloud's got the boogie-oogie-oogie

We're about to leave to go mallwalking - even though it's February vacation, and I could take advantage of Daddy being home all day to, oh, sleep late (ha ha, that'll never happen), but instead we're sticking to our routine!

I'll post about Chinese New Year later, when I find the camera so I can retrieve the pictures.

First, I want to tell you about my attention-loving son at the charity concert. We had no idea how he'd fare, but he pleasantly surprised us. We took him out into the hallway as each high school band set up on stage. The teenagers squeed and shrieked as he ran by them, arms flailing and grin grinning. Then I'd bring him back inside and sit us down to listen to the music, which he loved.

He even sat attentively through a slam poet. Daddy and I thought she was very talented, but alas for AwesomeCloud, she didn't have music.

The best act came right after intermission. A girl performed a jumpin' thumpin' leapin' dance to a pop song, and all of a sudden, AwesomeCloud leapt into dance himself! He had moves! And they took him all over the place!

Unfortunately for me, he was standing on my lap at the time, so I had to hold on for dear life for 4 minutes straight. Good thing my arms have gotten strong from all the thumpin' and jumpin' we do at home.

The couple sitting next to us were in hysterics, dying of cute as they watched him. I briefly considered informing them why AwesomeCloud was so inspired by the dancer, but they couldn't have heard me well over the music and the happy toddler-shrieks.

But, yeah. This is what we do at home.

Okay, off for some mallwalking now.


  1. LOL that's so cute!!!

  2. Home grown lettuce is tough to wash and goes to seed almost instantly...but I plant it anyway!
    I am scared of the Giant Squid plan.
    I KNOW you can make baby food. You don't even have to cook the chicken nice. You can just boil it or steam it.
    Poor little noodle! But the sooner the surgery is over, the sooner it's over, right? GOod luck!

  3. Oops--I meant to comment on your first post! Not that I don't like the mental image of your boogie-dude!