Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Yay paperwork (and fees)!

Our adoption agent has come up with a solution to the mismatched USCIS approval form (the one that approved us for a girl although we ultimately chose a boy).

All it requires is a whole new form and a $300 fee!


When the I-800A Section C is successfully filed, we can then move ahead with the authentification process at the bargain-basement price of $500.

No word yet on the fingerprint fiasco, but I assume my agent is hard at work sorting that out too. It will only be a matter of weeks (barring unforeseen circumstances*) before our dossier gets stuffed into an envelope and mailed to China.

Yun Gui, here we** come!

*I mean additional unforeseen circumstances.

**Well, not we per se, just yet. Just our dossier for now. Once it gets there, it should be a measly four months (barring unforeseen circumstances***) until we are hot on its heels.

***Sorry, I mean additional unforeseen circumstances.

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