Sunday, February 8, 2009

Are we there yet?

How soon should I announce our referral on the intarwebs? Thursday we were told about him, and after much discussion, we decided to accept him. Friday was spent frantically putting together paperwork, playing phone tag, and getting everyone on the same page with all the same information. Saturday morning I emailed the last of the necessary documents, and last night the agency director assured me it had all been sent to CCAA.

Today is Sunday, when, of course, no new developments will occur.

Meanwhile, I have three photographs, a name, and a whole mountain of hope.

OMG, he's sooo cute. In one of the pictures, he's laughing. Words cannot describe how thrilled I am to have in my possession a picture of the world's cutest laughing baby. Laughing, I tell you! He makes me want to laugh, too.

I'm just not sure at what point I can go ahead and believe that this is all happening.

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