Thursday, February 12, 2009


Yesterday we went to Cranston, RI to get fingerprinted. The USCIS office was extremely friendly and efficient. Wow! Not bad for the government!

I'm worried that my fingerprints came out badly and will be rejected and it will delay our dossier. I have vertical wrinkles all over the tips of my fingers. My skin is so dry, and I keep washing my hands, dishes, etc. I have to. I volunteer at a wildlife rehab center, I get icky and sweaty at the gym every day, and I maintain a home. Which of those can I possibly give up?! Even with hand cream, the skin on my fingertips gets so tight.

Maybe it'll be all right. Only 3 of my fingerprints automatically passed, according to the scanner, but I would have stood there forever if the lady had been inclined to keep trying.

I'm only a little worried. Can't you tell? I mean, if our fingerprints are approved, our dossier will go out TOMORROW. See, no sweat!

Currently on my to-do list is a lot of chasing down of pediatric specialists. Thrilling, indeed. Because, you know me - I just luuurve doctors. Heart heart.

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