Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My son helped me hang a full-length mirror

He really did. Really.

It was pretty cool. He held the ruler in place while I measured the spots for the nail holes, and then my husband came down and held the mirror so I could hang it. By the end, Cloud was beaming. Here was a great bug mirror, twice as tall as he was (actually 5/3 as tall), and he helped hang it!

As is typical of toddlers, he loves to 'help'. He grabs the broom from me and drags it along the ground. He begs to put the dishes away (into cupboards he can't possibly reach - I guess I'm supposed to give him the dish and then pick him up so he can put it in the cupboard). He wants to shut off the light and press 'play' on the CD player at bedtime.

And sometimes, with a little thought and innovation, I can convince him to 'help' in a way that's actually helpful.

He is such an only child. And I am the very image of an older parent with an only child.

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