Friday, November 12, 2010

Mixing paperchasing and pleasure

Cloud and I went to a new storytime today. We loved it. It was a bit of a trek, but worth the travel when we have time. And it had some brown-skinned children. No Asians, though.

I just put him to bed less than an hour ago, and now I have to get him up again so we can go pick Daddy up from work and do more paperchasing related to the accident. Meh. I've barely had a moment to rest, myself.


  1. I saw the word "paperchasing" and thought you were doing another sort of paperchasing!! Don't get another adoptive Momma excited like that:)

  2. There are many similarities between the two kinds of paperchase. Including the occasional utterance of, "They're making me do WHAT?!?"

  3. I'm with Wuxi Mommy. I thought the exact same thing. Use the word "paperchase" around a bunch of adoptive parents and we all come to the same conclusion!

    Love your response!

    I think you need a nice break!

  4. I'm not an adoptive mum... yet...and I thought the same thing!!!!